I've had the great pleasure of cooperating with Tomasz Baginski for two years. Especially, that my company Decathlon is in transition of leadership and management style, which is a difficult process, often resisting and confusing. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and experience as well as the ability of choosing only efficient tools based on needs diagnose, he is a great support for me and for others General Directors. In the above-mentioned period of cooperation he prepared a few days' workshops on the role of the general managers in the new organization structure, he conducted a department strategy building meeting and most of all, he repeatedly served me with support and consultation in the strategies implemented by me as well as prepared workshops and training in area of ​​human resources.
With full responsibility, I recommend working with Tomasz as a reliable partner, open to the client's needs and seeking appropriate workshop and training solutions

Szymon Mołda HR Director Decathlon POLSKA

Tomasz Bagiński has been providing training and consulting services for our company since 2014. At that time, our company prepared for and realized a change process to doubling our processing capacity. Using his extensive business experience, he helped us with the implementation of many tools in the field of management, communication, sales and business negotiations, which improved the decisions making processes and many other activities at executives level. A cooperation at the ownership level was difficult because we are a family company with five siblings. He made a strong impression on us, we value his honesty and commitment so he works with us to this day as a strategic consultant. He is a versatile gifted person, possessing a wide range of knowledge with a simultaneous gift of presenting it, and at the same time confident and supportive trainer. He is great in establishing relationships and matching the needs and capacities with trainings’ materials levels. I strongly recommend a cooperation with him.

Maria Czapp Managing Partner Mielewczyk Sp. J.

I have known Tomasz for many years as we have been meeting professionally on couple of occasions. He always gladly offered his support to help addressing my needs and problems, especially in the context of teamwork and interpersonal relations of my team. His skills, commitment, professionalism and natural communication style have helped me several times to tackle difficult team issues. I am particularly grateful to him for his active involvement in resolving a difficult team conflict that has been successfully dealt with using non-violent communication (NVC) technique which proved surprisingly effective. We remain in close contact since.

Adrian Bohdanowicz Managing Director
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