Coherence and reliability in action are important to me. Too many times I saw trainers who spoke one word and the other did in their lives. My consulting offer is consistent with what I'm talking about in the training room.

I run only projects and consulting processes that could be fully adapted to the needs and capabilities of my Clients. I make sure that the results of our cooperation are as blistering as possible.

The methods, techniques and tools I use are a unique combination of TOC -Theory of Constraints, NVC - Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles.

My consulting areas:
  • Designing and implementation of communication solutions adequate to the client's needs
  • Supporting Managers, Directors and Managers in change process - deep diagnose of people and business needs, setting real goals and measurable results, planning and scheduling activities.
  • Supporting the handling of difficult situations and conflicts through a systematic assessment of reality (using the tools of Theory of Constraints and NVC), diagnosis of needs and expectations (NVC), conflict resolution including mediation (NVC mediation approach or Restorative Circles).

I am a practitioner and a pragmatist, that's why my workshops and skills trainings are conducted on the ground of years of business experience.

My training mission is to convert effusive slogans into easy-to-use tools and skills. Every part of my educational programs have been verified in my companies as well as in a lot of projects and activities conducted for my clients.

I design as well single training forms as complete educational programs based on Client's developmental needs. I also work individually with managers, directors and executives.

My training offer includes:
  • Effective communication tools at the manager's work.
  • Constructive confrontations - conducting empathic conversations that bring results.
  • Working with a group - fundamentals of psychology of group processes, tools and technics for effective group meetings.
  • Self-expression and self-awarness in business - authentic leadership through meaningful conversations.
  • Management of needs, expectations and emotions, motivational mechanisms for managers.
  • Conflict situation management in a team, project or relationship in business context.
  • Nonviolent Communication in Business - practical and intensive training NVC for managers, board members and executives.
Open trainings and educational programs:
  • Conversation as a main manager's tool.
  • HR Business Partner course.


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