I'm a trainer and consultant with 21 years of business experience. My way of working and living is based on two pillars - empathetic communication and focus on business goals and measurable results.

I love what I'm doing and I have great pleasure that I can benefit from the achievements of two extraordinary people whose communication and management models are absolutely the most complete, simple, functional and elegant solutions in their fields.

My work and approach on people is a result of unique combination of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Restorative Circles method an my lengthy experience of working in business and for business.

Since 2006 when I first time have met Marshall Rosenberg's concept "Nonviolent Communication", I've applied the principles, tools, specific skills and conversation structure of this communication model in my everyday business practice. My experience and knowledge in this area are confirmed by certificates, hundreds of workshop hours as the host and participant and the number of interventions from successful conflict situations. Moreover, I became the first facilitator of the Dominic Barter's Restorative Circles method in Poland, which is a continuation and practical form of applying the NVC in group conflict situations. I am fascinated by the clear structure and perfectly designed steps of the process of passing through conflict using dialogue in which all participants are taken into account. 

From the Theory of Constraints (TOC) I distill an extremely advanced, valuable and coherent perspective of looking at the organization as a system of connected vessels, which could be analyzed by critical thinking and proven tools. Applying coherent Goldratt's logic, we could develop organizations in a way that is not attainable by any other approach, which is evidenced by the viable vision that is a transparent process of building, capitalizing and sustaining the company's effectiveness while maintaining harmony between all its stakeholders. Although my interest in TOC began with project management solutions, it quickly became fascinated with the whole approach. I decided to make TOC available to Polish people so me and my accomplice started a publishing house company, which has published 8 books in this field. I use Goldratt's Theory to achieve better understanding of the situation and context in which my clients are located and to choose the right and adequate solutions that suit their needs and capabilities.

Through combining these approaches and models, I improve communication processes, I support managers in building effective teams, I assist executives in organization's change processes. I deliver solutions to become more effective, efficient organizations based on mutual respect and deep partnerships relations.

I undertake challenges at the strategic, international levels as well as those smaller, but equally important activities directed to teams and managers. 

If it sounds helpful for You I invite to check my offer.

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